Ravago Slovenia

RBS Slovenia

The company Ravago d.o.o. Slovenija was established in 1992 in Laško, and since 2000 we have been in joint ownership with Ravago.


Operating under the shelter of the Ravago group allows us to pursue our vision: To become the company which provides contemporary building solutions and contributes considerable to your building project's success!

What are we doing?

We supply high quality building materials and products for architectural design from large and trusted European producers. In doing so, we offer our partners professional solutions for designing and constructing buildings. Manufacturers and products are carefully chosen so that all parties, both individual builders as well as experts in the field of design and construction really get the best offer.
We put complete trust in our modern and practical products range, both in the terms of aesthetics as well as quality and their environmental friendliness.

What kind of support we offer our customers?

The manufacture and sale of technically complex building materials and products are carried out by our high quality staff, who have all the necessary expertise and who provide the distribution and related commercial and logistics services. They also offer all the necessary technical advice both in the conception, planning and implementation as well as advice on how to use the products.

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We want to improve the quality of building construction in Slovenia. We will provide top-quality knowledge, building materials and building equipment for investors, architects and contractors. Our goal is to expand the supply of building materials and architectural elements of the facility in accordance with the development and knowledge of the most advanced European manufacturers. We want to become the most professional supplier in Slovenia in the field of roofs and facades. Our market consists of demanding customers who appreciate quality, aesthetics and sustainable development. We have three priorities: growth, efficiency and a dynamic business culture.

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